Simple automated 
tip pooling software 
to save time & money

A bespoke tip calculator for the hospitality industry. It takes a team. Share the gratitude.

An automated tip pool calculator customized for your team

Flexible custom rules

Create custom rules for as many job positions your operation has. You have complete control over how the tips are calculated and distributed. You can also edit the tip rules any time you want.

Everything is automated

All the calculations are done instantly with your tip rule in mind. If there is a slight change in the tip pool, you can override it and it will recalculate based on the changes you made.

Quick, Accurate and Transparent

Automate and simplify the heavy work

Our tip pooling software does all the heavy lifting for you so you can focus on your main goals! The calculations are all automatically done, so there are no human errors happening that would waste your time. 

Full Transparency = happy employee

Once the tip pool is paid out, your employees can check the important details of the tip pool, which include the hours they’ve worked, the points they qualified for and how much tips they have earned for the service. 

Seamless and easy plug-in to your current workflow

Lightspeed Integrated

Our software communicates with Lightspeed POS, so our system will know and get all the data needed for tip pooling. All you need to do is to review and make edits if needed

Flexible payout options

Daily, weekly, bi-weekly, no matter how frequent you payout, we got you. The tip pooling software will adapt to your workflow. 

With this software, 
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