Simple automated 
tip pooling software 

A bespoke tip calculator for the hospitality industry.


An automated tip calculator customized for your team

Flexible custom rules

Meet the needs for your restaurant, assigning unique rules for each role in each service. You have complete control over how the tips are calculated and distributed. Plus, you can edit the tip rules any time you want.

Reduce errors, save time

Improve your margins by reducing the human interaction in the calculation process, all numbers come straight from the Lightspeed POS. Just set your tip rules once and let it run automated pool calculations daily. 


Quick, Accurate and Transparent

Automate and simplify the heavy work

Our tip pooling software does all the heavy lifting for you so you can focus on your main goals! All the calculations are done instantly with your tip rules in mind, eliminating spreadsheet errors & mistakes.

Full Transparency = happy employee

Once the tip pool is paid out, your employees can check the important details of the tip pool, which include the hours they’ve worked, the points they qualified for and how much tips they have earned for the service. 

Seamless plug-in for your current workflow

POS Integrated

Our software communicates with your POS, to ensure payouts are accurate down to the cent. If there is a slight change, you can override it and it will recalculate based on the updated data.

Flexible payout options

Daily, weekly, bi-weekly, no matter the payout frequency, we got you. No need to change your workflow. Plus, we send instant notifications to employees via SMS test message after each payout.


Features & benefits

Get a complete solution with Today

Payout directly from the platform

The Today program provides instant payout of earnings and gratuities to a Today™ wallet paired with a Visa or Mastercard. The program helps restaurant operators find efficiency and cost savings in Canada and all 50 states in the US as well!

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