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Addendum to staff agreements

September 11, 2022

Employee Addendum for XTM Inc’s Today Gratuity 



Applies to:
Operating restaurants in Canada 


lt is the policy of ("Employer") and ‘Today' to comply with federal and provincial tax laws regarding all tips/gratuities. Neither is responsible for any filings related to Employee's personal income taxes to be paid on gratuities earned. 


Employee affirms that they have the right to review this agreement with independent legal counsel and, to this end, has either waived that right and executed this agreement on their own accord, intending to be bound contractually, or has retained legal counsel who has provided a Certificate of lndependent Legal Advice and the Employee has executed an Acknowledgement as to lndependent Legal Advice, and thereby freely executes this agreement and understands the consequences and obligations therein, and is bound contractually.


ln any event, the Employee agrees that he or she is responsible for declaring taxes on the money received through ‘Today'. 

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